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With the transition in the energy sector taking place in the Country and Worldwide. The Company through its experienced and qualified team consisting of Engineers and Technicians provides professional services to Clients requiring affordable, reliable & predictable energy utilising solar photo-voltaic technology.

The Company aims to make a meaningful contribution towards the sustainable energy future of the Country and that of the Continent.

Customer Segment

We can assist you should you fall in any of these categories.


Energy Consumers With High Usage Tariffs

Whether you are supplied by the utility or a municipality, energy costs have been increasing by more than double digits. Our solutions cater for customer specific & tailored solution based on your consumption as well as the appliances you have at home or machinery used at your factory.


Customers With Unreliable Energy Supply

Your property can be exempt from the inconvenience associated with power interruptions. We offer battery storage to compliment your energy needs during power loss or prolonged inclement weather when the sun is not shining.


Energy Users With High Carbon Footprint

Through our energy audits and inspections, we can identify, reduce your energy usage patterns from traditional fossil fuel based sources and replace it with clean and renewable energy which has Tax benefits for your businesses.

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